Mascara that changed my life!

Hi Friends!

The movie is going well. Were working a lot of hours but having fun! I have very little time to write blogs right now so I thought I could tell you about my favorite mascara. It is truly a smear proof mascara!! It can’t run. It actually comes off in little tubes. I use to spend a lot of time cleaning up running mascara under the eyes of my actresses, but not anymore. What is this amazing mascara? Drum roll please…..

Kiss Me Mascara

If you click on the link above it will direct you to Sephora which is the only place I know that sells it. Sephora is great because if your order is over $50.00 shipping is free. Also here is a link to the “Magic Pencil” from my last blog:

It’s a great mascara for everyday! It dries and stays! When You remove it I recommend a hot towel, I just do it in the shower, put the hot towel on your eyes for a while and then rub downwards and it will just glide off. Don’t be scared that your lashes are coming off, it is just the mascara. I also recommend that when you apply it you finish each lash before doing the next one, because it dries hard and is hard to’s not like traditional mascara that you can keep building up. If you want more build up with this mascara they also sell a primer that you can put on underneath. If your wearing lashes I recommend using your favorite mascara on the top and this on the will never again have to ask “Is my mascara running” to the gym, one more day off!!

Also if you are aware of what movie I am working on please do not mention it on my blog! I cannot talk about this until the movie is released.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Mascara that changed my life!

  1. Ken Logan

    Well, if i were a lady…I would certainly get this mascara. lol

    I will miss you on the sphere, but I know that we will return after a short season. I wish you the best in Detroit (where I was born) and GRATTS on the TV show coming up. yeaaaaAAAAAAAAA for Erin, my musketeer

  2. Tasha

    Hi Erin! Your site looks fantastic. Loving the tips. Keep at it, I think you have a great thing going here. So glad to hear you are enjoying work, despite the crazy long hours. Being at peace with what is and not struggling against life is a much more blissful way to be. Much Love! xxxx

  3. Kim

    Hi! Cool mascara! We have a Sephora in the mall and I am going to check it out! I LOVE your website! You may need to give me some makeup tips for September…that is if I still do it! 🙂

  4. Erin Post author

    I’m so happy to see you guys stopping by! Kim I will do a blog just for you and your makeup for the competition…I hope you do it, you’ll have a blast! Soon I will have a “ask Erin” page, so you can ask for help with any product your considering. Have a great day!

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