How My Makeup Lessons Work

Makeup tells a story about who you are.   My job as a professional makeup artist is to help create characters using makeup.   In working with actors choosing the correct makeup for their character is vital because it helps the viewer understand who they are.  My goal in giving makeup lessons is to help you find the correct makeup for your lifestyle.  Are you a person on the go that wears no makeup?  This character in film still wears makeup.  Are you a lawyer in a courtroom and need to portray confidence? Imagine a lawyer in a movie that has bad makeup and doesn’t look put together.  Is it believable that she is competent?  

I ask you during your makeup lesson who are you and how do you want to be perceived? ​

I offer private or tandem lessons. When you have your makeup lesson you will need to bring all the makeup and makeup brushes you have so I can show you what works for you.  This is important so you don’t waste money buying new things. I do not sell makeup, I only make recommendations based on what I would choose for you. My lessons take 3 hours so be ready to take notes.  You will walk away with a lot of information!