Magic Pencil.

Hi friends!
Where do I start? I have so much to tell you about makeup. I use so many different products so I thought I would start with some of my favorite must have items. The first one that comes to mind is the Shiseido corrector pencil. It really is a “Magical Pencil”. Every women should defiantly have one in her purse!

It comes in 3 colors: light, medium and dark. I use the medium pencil 90% of the time, most people can use this color. It is a wonderful multipurpose pencil. It is great to have in your purse for the unexpected spot that may pop up on your face, usually on the way to a date or important meeting! Why does this happen? I also use it to cover the annoying blue vein that most people have on the side of their nose where the inner corner of the eye meets. Covering this is an instant eye opener! Another little eye opening trick I love is using it to rim the eye, apply it on the lower ledge just above your lashes. Some people use a white pencil to do this which does brighten the eye but looks fake, but this pencil is skin tone which looks natural and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. This pencil is also wonderful for doing bright red lips. First I do the red lips, then blot them down with a tissue, then use the pencil to make a outline of the red lips. Make the shape perfect! Doing this not only gives you a crisp line but it helps it stay that way. The line of the pencil makes a tiny little dam helping it not to bleed. Then reapply your lipstick. Can you believe a simple pencil could have so many uses?

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Magic Pencil.

  1. Scott aka James

    Hi Erin, this looks like a great start. I am so impressed by the work you have done. In my very small experience working behind the scenes for some Discovery Channel shows, I have much respect for all the work that make up and the other crew members go through. Very nice work!!

  2. Erin Post author

    Thanks Scott! We do go through a lot, but it is very fun and rewarding work!

  3. Suzette

    Erin, this is so awesome! I will pass your site info on to as many as I can. I will for sure send my sister over who has been doing hair and makeup for years locally in salons.

  4. Ollie

    Erin looks great, your got a great start here, I will tell Mary Ann about your site, you need to put you website address on Face Book

  5. MOM

    Hi babycakes! It looks awesome! You’ve done a great job…. And by the way, why don’t I have one of those pencils? Ah, the cobbler’s children have no shoes….

  6. Kim

    Hi!! The site is AWESOME! I am going to get one of these pencils next time I’m at the mall! GREAT TIP! I’ll also need some tips for the competition this Fall!

  7. KTN

    A pro question for you. When you are working on multiple subjects how do you clean your supplies between subjects. The Magic Pencil seems obvious – wipe it down with a an alcohol prep pad and then let it dry before reuse or just use a sharpener. But what about a mascara brush, lipstick, foundation brush, etc? Is this even a big deal?

    Great info on the blog! Much appreciated.

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