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In Studio Makeup Lessons: My studio is located in Chico, CA.  If you are traveling to Chico and hoping to have a group of four, I recommend that two of you have your lesson in the morning and two of you have your lesson in the afternoon.  This can be a fun day trip for a group of friends!

In Studio 1 person lessons are are $200, 2 person lessons are $300

Traveling Makeup Lessons: I can also travel to you for a lesson if you live in CA.  I coordinate these lessons with my travel schedule between Northern and Southern CA.  In order for me to travel it works out best when several women in your area want lessons.  This can be a fun option for a women weekend or vacation.

Traveling 1 person lessons are $300, Traveling two person lessons are $400

Skype Lessons:  If it is not possible to meet in person a Skype lesson is a great option. It’s amazing how much can be done through a computer!  I find these lessons are best done in Three, 1 hour Skype meetings.  

The First Lesson we will go over the products you already have and I will help color match your foundation and concealers.  I will show you the different ways to apply them and recommend any products I think would be good for you  You will be able to text photos to me when you are at the department store so you can purchase the correct products.

The Second Lesson will happen when you have the correct products.  You will come to this lesson with them on so I can double check the colors.  Then I will show you how to do the best eye makeup for your eye structure.

The Third Lesson you will come with your foundation and eyes done.  During this lesson we will go over cheeks and lips and anything that still needs attention. 

Skype lessons are $200

Contact me to book your lesson at: 818-421-9707 or

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