Hi, my name is Erin Wooldridge and I work as a professional makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA.  With have over 20 year experience working in Film and Television I have been fortunate to work as a key makeup artist on the films Pineapple Express, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Terminator Salvation, Green Hornet, Real Steel, This is 40, Identity Theft and many more.  

I studied fine art painting in college and had no idea that someday I would be using those skills as a professional makeup artist! I truly love color, whether I am painting a face, a canvas or a wall.  I just love the process of transformation and giving personal makeup lessons is a passion of mine.  I find that so many women are overwhelmed by makeup that they choose to do nothing.  I love helping a woman find the right products for her life style.  I have had women tell me that it changed everything for them and they now feel confident doing their own makeup and shopping at the makeup counter. Makeup doesn’t have to be scary!  

Maybe you just want to learn a fast makeup routine so you feel a little more polished or possibly you’re getting ready to be in front of a large audience and want to feel confident knowing you look your best.  It’s empowering to know how to do your makeup for different occasions.  I can also help you if you need specialty makeup such as covering a scar or birthmark.

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